2018 Winter Elementary
Chess Championship

knight-blue-20px-best-chess-teacher  Hello chess parents!

It’s time for the kids to learn the joys and struggles of competition! Only MaxwellChess students are invited to this special tournament, so all the kids play at the same level! All participants receive a well-earned medal! The top scoring 1-3rd grader, and 4-6th grader receive trophies!

Child’s school, name, grade:

tourney-10-15-pknight-blue-20px-best-chess-teacher  Schedule: Saturday, December 22, 2018

8:15AM:  Check-in opens
If you pre-registered, let me know you’ve arrived.

8:45AM:  Check-in ends
Because the schedule must be maintained for the enjoyment of all, late check-ins will not participate. Please appreciate our situation by arriving at least 10 minutes in advance.

8:50AM:  Important Announcements
The tournament director will welcome the participants, explain the basic procedure for each round, and review some simple tournament rules.

9:00AM:  Round 1

10:15AM OR EARLIER:  Round 2
Round 2 will start shortly after all games complete, but no later than 10:15.

11:30AM OR EARLIER:  Round 3
Round 3 will start shortly after all games complete, but no later than 11:30.

12:45PM OR EARLIER:  Round 4
Round 4 will start shortly after all games complete, but no later than 12:45.

2:00PM OR EARLIER:  Final results posted, possible blitz playoff
The final results of the tournament will be posted on the information wall. In the event of first place ties in either section, the finalists will participate in a “blitz playoff” in which a chess clock is used to allow each player a total of five minutes for all of his or her moves (thus the game can only last for a maximum of ten minutes.) The winner of the playoff is crowned the winner of the event, and will receive the annual trophy!

knight-blue-20px-best-chess-teacher  Tournament location, director contact

The tournament will take place at the beautiful Highland School in Warrenton Virginia. Special thanks goes out to Erica Deane of Highland for her logistical efforts to make this event possible!

Highland School (Middle School building, on the right of the campus)
597 Broadview Ave
Warrenton, VA 20186

For additional inquiries, I can be contacted at the email below.

With enthusiasm,